ESCAPE LINE - DRAWINGS AND SCULPTURES | Gowen Contemporary | Genève | 11 novembre 2021 - 12 février 2022


Charles Avery, Pascal Berthoud, Yifat Bezalel, Claude Cortinovis, Robert Longo, Giuliano Macca, Hans Op de Beeck

The collective show entitled Escape Line II - Drawings and Sculptures unites seven contemporary artists for whom drawing is at the centre of their artistic expression, although several pursue multidisciplinary practices. In addition to drawing, sculpture is, for some of them, a particularly coherent part of their visual language. The exhibition includes works from private collections.

In considering very different proposals originating from various research and thought, the show takes the creation of imaginary universes that often transport the spectator to parallel worlds as its meeting point.

Burning Snow I, crayon gris et aquarelle sur papier, 2017, 130x 180 cm